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SPA centers in Indonesia are unique in terms of recipes, techniques and procedures offered, it is based on the traditions and knowledge preserved since ancient times.

Indonesia, and especially about Bali, which is located more than 400 SPA centers, have long been recognized throughout the worldwide.

World known Aromatherapy Balinese Massage, which is a combination of deep presses, light stretch, point-pressure using aromatic oils to stimulate the flow of blood flow, oxygen and lymph in the body that brings deep relaxation and a great feeling, a feeling of peace, a boost of energy, vitality and freshness.

The island has two Thalasso center - THALASSO BALI (at Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso), THERMES MARINS THALASSO & SPA (at Ayana Resort & Spa), as well as a unique SPA center HEAVENLY SPA (The Westin Resort Nusa Dua), KRIYA SPA (at GRAND HYATT BALI), spa at the hotel Kupu Kupu Barong Ubud, Como Shambhala, Four Seasons Sayan and many others.


Our sister company “Kaimana Spa” provides a unique high-quality health services to our guests in a warm, caring and professional atmosphere.

The most popular treatments are:

BALINESE MASSAGE - The combination of deep presses, light stretch, point-pressure using aromatic oils to stimulate the flow of blood flow, oxygen and lymph in the body that brings deep relaxation and a great feeling, a feeling of relaxation, a boost of energy, vitality and freshness. Specially selected oil will accelerate the slimming process and remove toxins.

SEAWEED WRAPS - cleanses the skin and detoxifies. The skin absorbs the minerals needed to give it vitality and tone. Minerals also help break down fat subcutaneous fat, creating the effect of "orange peel", helping skin look healthy, smooth and fresh.

GALVANIC SPA TREATMENTS - procedures performed with an instrument called Galvanizer and highly effective gels, the use of which there is intense lipolysis of subcutaneous adipose tissue toxins and other waste products, the skin becomes smooth, elastic, external appearance of cellulite reduced.

FOOT MASSAGE WITH WARM STONES - massage, which combines traditional methods of reflexology and relaxing effect of warm stones that brings a sense of harmony, relieves stress and improves overall health.

HOT HERBAL COMPRESS MASSAGE - which will provide superb relaxation in the body using heated herbal compresses. It also allows the body to get rid of all the stress, fatigue, improve blood and lymph circulation, reduces pain in muscles and joints.

BOREH WRAP TREATMENT - traditional body mask of Balinese spice that has been used since ancient times by several generations of Balinese villages to warm the body, improve blood circulation, release the body from muscle pain and spasm, colds and headaches.

HOT STONES MASSAGE - heat from the stones, will save you from muscle spasms, tension and pain. Hot stones massage combines thermotherapy and stroking using stones to create a deep, relaxing and at the same time the treatment procedure. Warmth of the stones warms the skin, providing a deep impact of oil and at the same time relaxes the muscles so the therapist could deeply massage your body.

SHIRODHARA - Are after a special massage Shirodhara, warm trickle selected for you will be oil massage so-called "third eye", one of the chakras located between the eyebrows to create a relaxing effect, helping to get rid of tension, stress, anxiety and depression.

The most popular spa packages:


One of the most popular packages in Kaimana Spa. More than 90% of visitors Kaimana Spa fall asleep during the procedure. Wrapped in banana leaves with a traditional Balinese massage is not only ensures maximum absorption of natural mask on the skin and the elimination of toxins, but also help to expand and improve the effectiveness of massage therapy. At the end of the procedure, you will receive treatment for the face and you will feel fresh and relaxed.

- Foot bath

- Balinese massage using aromatherapy oils

- Mask body to select and wrap with banana leaves

- Facial


If you want to treat yourself with royally luxurious treatments - it's your choice. We offer the following procedures that will contribute to your relaxation, renewal of body and soul.

- Foot bath

- Kaimana Massage

- Choice of body scrub or mask body wrap with banana leaves

- Choice of facial treatment

- Hair cream bath


Thanks to the wonderful result using treatments with milk, Cleopatra managed to stay young for a long time. Honey, in turn, makes the skin extremely smooth, soft and radiant. Surprisingly warm and sweet scent of vanilla from Bali gives an unforgettable feeling of grace and comfort, and nutritional characteristics of milk and smoothing properties of honey will make your skin velvety soft and moistened.
- Welcome wellness drink

- Foot bath

- Balinese massage with vanilla oil

- Body scrub of sea salt and vanilla

- Body mask made of vanilla, honey and milk

- Body lotion vanilla, honey and milk

- Ginger tea

- Gift from Kaimana Spa


Procedure using a special line of natural cosmetics for toning the skin in problem areas, the splitting of the subcutaneous fat and improve blood and lymph circulation, which provides by a special massage technique.
- Foot bath

- Massage with tinted oil

- Body scrub cellulite

- Body mask cellulite

- Body lotion tinting




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